Filmoraのキーボードショートカット (windows)




Command Shortcut
Redo Control-Y
Undo Control-Z
Copy Control-C
Cut Control-X
Paste Control-V
Delete Delete
Select All Control-A
Quit Alt-F4
Export Control-E


Command Shortcut
New Project Control-N
Open Existing Project Control-O
Import Media Files Control-1
Save Project File Control-S
Save As Control-Shift-S
Archive Project Control-Shift-A


Command Shortcut
Split(Blade) Control-B
Crop Alt-C
Powertool Control-P
Detach Audio Control-Alt-D
Mute Control-Shift-M
Record Voice over Alt + R
Start/Stop Voiceover Recording Alt-Shift-R
Show Edit Window Alt-E
Zoom In Timeline Ctrl–Equal Sign (=)
Fit to Timeline Shift-Z
Timeline view Alt-T
Storyboard view Alt-S


Command Shortcut
Play/Pause Space
Stop Ctrl + /
Go to Next Frame Left Arrow
Go to Previous Frame Right Arrow
Full screen Alt+Enter
Snapshot Control-Alt-S


Command Shortcut
Add to Timelime/Apply Alt-A
Find target Control-Shift-R
Show Property Alt-P
Scene Detection Alt-D
Add a new folder(Album) Control-Alt-N
Delete folder(Album) Delete
Upper one Up Arrow
Under one Down Arrow
Switch to Media Library Ctrl+1
Switch to Music Library Ctrl+2
Switch to Text/Credit Library Ctrl+3
Switch to Filters Library Ctrl+4
Switch to Overlays Library Ctrl+5
Switch to Elements Library Ctrl+6
Switch to TRANSITIONS Library Ctrl+7
Switch to SPLIT SCREEN Library Ctrl+8